Kay Yourist

Artist Statement

From the very first time that I touched clay at the age of eight, I knew that throwing pots would be my life long passion. Decades later, I am still excited by its seemingly infinite potential.

Throughout my career, ancient Egyptian, pre-Columbian and Native American pottery has been a strong influence on my exploration of classically shaped pottery forms. I begin my artistic process by throwing the clay into classic vessels that are as recognizable today as a thousand years ago. I then alter their form by pushing and pulling and stretching the walls of the pot. When the clay dries to a leather hard consistency, I carve into the walls to give the piece surface relief detail and texture. The last step involves glazing the completed forms with copper and iron rich glazes, chosen to emphasize the organic and timeless nature of clay. Combining the ancient tradition of pottery making with my contemporary vision, my work integrates past with present.

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Kay's Art Gallery

To purchase Kay's art, email kay@youristpottery.com,
call 734.662.4914, or come to Yourist Studio Gallery.

All of the functional work can be glazed in most of the colors shown.

Commissions are welcome.

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